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What clients say about Yumi

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Vera Zhang, Hello Talk

Yumi's podcast recording shows she is not only an excellent voice artist but also talented in hosting an educational podcast. Her charming voice and clear pronunciation and explanation make our students engaged in learning new languages. I also want to highlight her dedication. If you work with her, your project will always be on track.

Alessio Avezzano, Mamahuhu 

Yumi is a true professional who always gives 100%. In my opinion, her range and performances make her stand out amongst her peers.

Marc Mehanni, WB Show

Yumi was a real joy to collaborate with. Her voice over abilities are top of the line and she exceeded all expectations in the range and attitudes she could depict through this gift she's come to master.

Fabien Langard, GUM

At GUM Shanghai, working with Yumi has been great, She is a very talented VO artist, with a unique voice that reminds one of Scarlett Johansson's. She's easy going and always fun to work with!

Kristin Skar Forseth, PUSH MEDIA

Yumi is a very talented and dynamic VO artist that is capable of setting a unique tone and feel to any film project. We have used her for various global commercial campaigns with extremely satisfied clients.


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