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Voice Over

A relatable voice with texture, emotion and confidence

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Yumi is passionate about voice over and has a unique sound with the ability to put forth a range of emotions to any project.

Whether it's a 30-second commercial, an animation series, or a drama-filled promo spot, storytelling is at the core of each project.  I ​approach every recording with detail and care, knowing that the voice and emotion are uniquely different for every story.  From understanding what the key messages are, to refining the nuances of intonation, I diligently break down the script to ensure my voice resonates with the listener. 

I happily provide customized sample demos to clients because efficiency and alignment of expectations are highly important for each project.  Throughout the process, I work closely with Producers, Directors and Sound Engineers to make sure the deliverables and quality of work are at its best.

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Studio Equipment


Blue Yeti 


 Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 

 3rd Gen 




 Adobe Audition CC 

 Soundproof Booth 

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